1978-May-27 - Filming for the Neil Young film Human Highway at Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, California.
DEVO performed “Shrivel Up” to audio playback of the studio version, wearing a DOVE type costume, then showed their “Satisfaction” short film/video as an intermission, and finally performed “Come Back Jonee” to playback.
Additionally “...a tape of the DEVO album had it's first public airing."[1]
This "Come Back Jonee" staged performance appears in the film Human Highway (partial Mabuhay Gardens performance).
During DEVO's performance, Spazz Attack appears as a stage diver, before Neil Young takes the stage. DEVO was filmed wearing the black cowboy outfits, after a costume change from the "Shrivel Up" performance.[1]
DEVO did not obtain the film footage of the “Shrivel Up” staged performance. This track does not appear in any release edit of the film. No music video was made from this footage.
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Snyder M., “Neil Young Meets DEVO”, Berkeley Barb, Volume 27, Issue 24 (670). p12. (1978, June 16-22). Photo by Chester Simpson.[1]
Trivia / Info:
  • In 1977, DEVO had agreed to participate in Neil Young and Dean Stockwell’s film.
  • In 1978, DEVO and Booji Boy were first filmed at Different Fur recording studios in San Francisco.
  • In 1979, DEVO and Booji Boy would subsequently film “Worried Man” and other footage in Hollywood, while beginning work on their third album.
  • Chester Simpson was one of the still photographers documenting this May 1978 event.[2][3]
  • Artist and filmmaker Bruce Conner was one of the still photographers documenting this event. A widely exhibited photograph is titled “Devo: Spaz About to Flip, May 1978”.[4][5] Buy it if you want.
  • The late Jeff Good[6] was one of the still photographers documenting this event. A widely reproduced photograph is DEVO "backstage" at Mabuhay Gardens wearing their dark cowboy outfits. [7]
  • Richard Peterson did a photoshoot of DEVO in the dark cowboy outfits.
    In one of the photographs, Alan and Bob 1 are smiling.[8]
  • Bruce, Richard and Chester had photographs published in the ‘zine Search and Destroy from '77 to '79.[9]
  • Ten spuds won tickets - which were not for sale - from a "GALA DEVO ART COMPETITION/COME-AS-YOU-ARE PARTY" held at Rather Ripped Records on Sunday, May 21.Flyer.
Advertising Art:
Event Posters/Flyers -
(Gas Mask) - "D.E.V.O. : Saturday, May 27, 1978 1:00 P.M. : Mabuhay Gardens: 443 Broadway - S.F. 956-3316”
(Welder) - “DEVO: devo Worker: Sat May 27: 443 Broadway San Francisco: Mabuhay Gardens: Telephone: (415) 956-3315" [Signed “BASILE”]
Contest Flyer -
Entry Ticket -
D.E.V.O.…” “…Release And Authorization…[11]
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