Robert Edward Casale Jr. AKA Bob 2 (Born July 14, 1952 in Kent, Ohio - died Feb 17, 2014) was a key member of the group Devo, and a younger brother to Devo co-creator Gerald Casale. He played guitar, keyboards and bass guitar, and co-wrote some tracks.

Casale was trained as a medical radiation technologist, but left the job to join Devo. He first married at 19, but divorced soon after Devo made it big. He was a part of Mutato Muzika and an audio engineer, mixer and producer. In live shows, Bob 2 played both rhythm/lead guitar and keyboards. Bob 2 was credited as "Bob2" on most Devo albums. He rarely sang, though his voice was occasionally heard as a background singer. For his work outside of Devo he is most often credited as "Robert Casale".

He died at the age of 61 of heart failure as "a result of medical procedures". a b c In a statement, Gerald Casale says that "He was excited about the possibility of Mark Mothersbaugh allowing Devo to play shows again. His sudden death from conditions that lead to heart failure came as a total shock to us all". Bob was in the hospital due to stomach ailments, and during testing, his blood pressure dropped too low to be stabilized. [1] [2] [3]

Guest Book
Appreciation: Bob Casale of Devo, an essential cog in the machine By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic, February 19, 2014


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Guitar [4] [5]

Hagström PB-24-G
rust red body, white pickguard, flamed maple neck and fretboard
Gibson Marauder
unpainted wood body, black pickguard
Gibson L6-S Custom
maple body
Ibanez Talman TC-420 (custom shop)
green body, red pickguard (main guitar)[6]
silver sparkle body and pickguard, with Bigsby tailpiece (backup guitar)[7]

Synthesizer [8]

This is a partial list - Bob 2 has used several synths over the years live and in the studio. He has only used the Moog Liberaton "keytar" as a promotional prop.

Synthesizer stage rig (2008-2013) [9]
Korg TR-61 (61-Key) Music Workstation
Boss (Roland) SP-404


Bob Casale of Devo - a life in pictures. 19 Feb 2014.
Tribute to Bob Casale & Alan Myers. @DEVOfilm.
Interview -
Q & A with Bob 2 Casale of Devo, part 1. posted by Craig Mattie.
Devo in the Studio : Gerald and Bob Casale w/ Hager Bros. by Pete Weiss.
DEVO: ShockHound Interview. DailyMotion. Uploaded 2009-8-5 by (Bob2 speaks at 2:51.)
Promotional products -
Figurines: Licensed figures with Robert Casale’s likeness were made by NECA in 2005 and 2006, followed by AGGROnautix[10] in 2018 and SUPER7 in 2023. [11] “Digitally sculpted and engineered” by Mat Brouillard.[12][13] The “Bob 2” – Bob Casale ReAction Figure by Super7 is announced in June, 2023. [14] It ships in August 2023. [15] Jerry and Mark unbox the Bob 2 figure on August 8, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. [16]

Notes and References[]

  1. Los Angeles Times. February 18, 2014. Devo guitarist Bob Casale dead at 61 by Todd Marten. Bob had recently been hospitalized due to stomach ailments, his brother said when reached by phone Tuesday, but had been thought to be recovering. Gerald said his brother was otherwise in good health and had been working on numerous Devo-related projects. "During testing, he de-stabilized. They were a little flummoxed," Gerald said. "He was sitting up, talking and the next thing he was in an ER, life-and-death situation. His blood pressure dropped too low and they couldn't stabilize it in time.
  2. Guardian Liberty Voice. February 20, 2014. Bob Casale of Devo Dead: More Than Just Whip It Guitarist (w/video) by Alana Marie Burke. According to Gerald Casale, Bob died on Feb. 17 from health issues that eventually caused heart failure. Apparently, he had bleeding of the stomach lining which caused his blood pressure to plummet, the low pressure caused his heart to stop and doctors were unable to revive him. Gerald released the sad news of the premature death of his little brother and Devo bandmate via social media saying Bob always, “…gave more than he got.” ...In life, Bob Casale was much more than has been expressed about his death by the number of “dumbed down” headlines from a devolved media culture.
  3. Vanyaland. 2015-2-17. Read Gerald Casale of Devo’s heartbreaking statement on anniversary of Bob Casale’s death by Gerald V Casale/DEVO — with Danny Smith and Mathias Cruz, republished from facebook. The circumstances surrounding my brother’s death on February 17th, 2014 were strangely circumspect. He went to the emergency room because he was coughing up blood. They stabilized him and suggested to Lisa, his wife, and Alex and Samantha, his son and daughter that they could go home while the technicians performed some tests including an MRI to try to establish a root cause. That’s when things turned upside down. According to the attending doctor on call Bob “became agitated”. They reduced his anxiety with medication but supposedly his blood pressure dropped unexpectedly so he was administered Epinephrine. From there the records really make little sense as to how they decided to put him on a ventilator while they tried to stabilize his blood pressure. When they proceeded to re-start his heart and restore breathing they failed.
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    Bob Casale’s keys/synth gear includes a Korg TR-61 and a Boss SP-404 sampler for noise elements. For guitar, he uses a Line 6 Pod-XT on the floor and has the three guitar sounds programmed; he switches them onstage.

  10. Photos: “BOB 2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure” (2018, November 07) ClubDEVO. From clubdevo com/2018/11/07/bob2-bobblin-throbblehead-figure/ [1]

    The "AGGRONAUTIX - BOB 2 of DEVO" package art features the Tru DEVO Bio and a signed photo with his Bio(Logical) Report - “Personality profile: Forthright, honest, and technically inclined. Robert "Bob 2" Casale left his position as a radiologist and joined DEVO, rebelling against the medieval standards and lack of ethics in his former high-paying profession."

  11. Photo: Super7 “Bob 2” ReAction figure with 3-D glasses, yellow suit and L6-S Custom“TM & © 2023 DEVO” clubdevo com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/RE-DEVO_W2_Bob-Casale_Hero-1536x1536.jpg
  12. "Mat Brouillard - freelance sculptor." ”Devo ReAction Satisfaction Bob Casale Figure for Super7.” ArtStation. From archive.orgI digitally sculpted and engineered this for Super7 it's the newest figure to the ReAction Series line, Bob Casale from the rock band Devo. This figure stands 3.75 inches tall and features several points of articulation.”
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  16. Pilmer, M. (2023, August 22) “SUPER7 & DEVO Present: Unboxing BOB 2 ReAction Figure - Available NOW!” YouTube.

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