Clown AKA "The Clown", was a character embodied by Robert "Bob 1" Mothersbaugh

In the "hardcore" era DEVO wore blue/gray short-sleeved worksuits. Booji wore his latex rubber mask and the rest wore their translucent plastic face masks. This outfit can be seen in the film In The Beginning Was The End: The Truth About De-Evolution and in the concert documentary Hardcore DEVO Live!.
Clown appeared with three other DEVO personas in at least three confirmed shows in 1975.
Young Bob had a propensity for destruction.[4] He was nicknamed the Clown[5]

Other Clowns
The members of DEVO don’t take themselves very seriously and often present themselves with a self-deprecating, “clowning”, Three Stooges style humor.

A subset of the mask aesthetic DEVO employs, the clown motif reoccurs in DEVO multimedia art - beyond Bob 1’s former nickname and early stage persona / performance art character.

DEVO played multiple sets at CBGB in May 1977, where the larger-than-life photo mural series showcasing vaudeville performers concluded stage left with Emmett Kelly as the clown "Weary Willie".

IRL DEVO opened twice for the rock band “Clown” in July 1977, playing an A&M records showcase at the Starwood. [6]

In the “KROQ÷FM DEVOTEES ALBUM”, The Firemen perform "Jocko Bozo" with lyrics "...Are We Not Clowns We Are Bozo". [7]

An open-mouthed clown bust is featured on the cover art of Dom Giorgi and Adrian Faure’s 2021 environmental documentary Devolution: A Devo Theory. [8]

Concept DEVO:
Mark’s circus clown illustrations - drawn on several open reel tape boxes - are seen in the fold-out poster included in the Recombo DNA demo compilation CD set (2000). [Clowns appear in Mark's solo art, including an art print where he wears a clown nose and makeup.]

During Halloween 1978, Jerry photographed his sister and father wearing his clown-like half face masks, for the cover of “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize” single.[DEVO: The Brand, page 68.]

A small clown head decorates the center of a square tray on Daddy-Know-It-All’s office desk at Big Media in the “Roll Out the Barrel” segment of The Men Who Make the Music.

In We’re All DEVO* a framed poster of “Numero Uno” hangs on a wall in the Rooter residence with the colored logo of the “Evil Clowns” over a black and white composite photo depicting that “mega metal” group’s lead singer. *[1][2][3]

Mark wears a red clown nose on the front and back covers of the “Peek·A·Boo!” singles.
Bob 2 wears a red clown nose in the “Time Out For Fun” music video and backing concert video.

Spazz Attack appears as a punk clown in the “Peek-A-Boo” music video and in the extra footage featured in the concert backing video. He appears in person on “Solid Gold” as DEVO performs “Peek·A·Boo!” to audio playback.
Spazz applies the clown makeup in a 1982 photo by Lisa Casale.[DEVO: Unmasked, page 130.]

The conceptual theme for oh, no! it’s DEVO is “fascist clowns” - Rolling Stone magazine’s epithet for DEVO. [9][10]

It may be that, to DEVO, an evil clown mask connotes a negative “low Devo” masked shadow persona that is a contrary [and not an opposite] of every person's positive “high Devo” ideal personality.[11][12][13][14]


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    I called what we saw 'De-evolution,' based upon the tendency toward entropy across all human endeavors. Borrowing the tactics of the Mad Men-era of our childhood, we shortened the name of the idea to the marketing-friendly 'Devo.'
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