DEVO presents Adventures of the Smart Patrol© 1995
Created By: Inscape and Gerald V. Casale
Publisher: Inscape
Platforms:[1] [2]
  • PC Windows
  • Mac
Controls: Point and Click
Perspective: First-Person POV
Gameplay: Interactive Movie
Release Date: 1996-07-31

DEVO Presents: Adventures of the Smart Patrol AKA Adventures of the Smart Patrol is a home computer game announced in 1995[3] and released in 1996.

It contains many images and themes that DEVO had wanted to include in a movie they developed. A 2018 article indicates that the DEVO musical has a similar basis. [4]

This title can be considered a "movie game" or interactive film which uses full-motion footage of live action video.

This is a Myst-style first person adventure game but it also includes many more characters than Myst as well as lots of music content and humor. The script had the game divided into "hours,"[5] and was pretty hard to solve (here's a walkthrough) and was not well received. [6] Although EW (Entertainment Weekly) notes:

"You can’t fault Devo’s tech cred: Unlike most rock artists, the band (led by Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale) was deeply involved in all aspects of the CD-ROM, scripting the story, composing the music, overseeing the graphics".[7]
  • Inscape was founded by Michael Nash, who likes Devo and "transgressive work." [8]

Creative Team:[]

Jerry, Mark, and Mutato Musika are credited with “Music and Sound Design.” Jerry is credited with creating the game with Inscape and as "Writer and Creative Director" and video “Director.”
Full credits are listed on the "Credits" page.
Jerry used the Macromedia software "Director" (version 4.0.4 - from 1994) and did work in Mutato Muzika facilities on this project.[9]

Promotional Materials:[]


The interactive website featured separate pages with game info [12] and online ordering information, screen shots, a site guide with character and location info [13], game scripts[14] - beginning with “Hour 1”,[15] tour dates, a chat room [16] - which featured the first live online Q&A with DEVO[17], macromedia flash video animation and an Inscape weblink.[18] Site visitors could navigate through several images into Smart Patrol headquarters via a password log in.[19] (Website optimized for low bandwidth and 640x480 display with minimum 256 colors.)
Fans could get the info listed in the trading card packs for free on over 20 people, places, things, and recombinant beasts. ClubDEVO would later list the glossary "The Alphabetical Guide To Spudland."


Reviewer Ty Burr says: “You have 12 game hours to travel to various locations while helping the five Gen-X members of the Smart Patrol capture the renegade lab mutant Turkey Monkey, discover a cure for the bone-dissolving disease Osso Bucco Myelitis, and overcome such bad guys as monopolistic health-care provider Universal Health Systems, right-wing fundamentalist Pilgrims, and Big Media (BM for short). If that's not enough, you have to be clued in to various allied good guys like scientists Sun Wang Pin and Dr. Byrthfood, ethereal prankster Booji Boy, and his father, General Boy.” “To advance to the game's later stages, you have to collect five old Devo videos...


The front and back of the packaging lists a “Mature 17+” ESRB rating. [20]

Press - Announcements and Reviews:[]

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Notes and References:[]

In the pursuit of Big Media, Time Warner agreed to merge with Turner Broadcasting System in 1995. TW also consolidated Time Warner Interactive and WarnerActive, which were "rolled into" Inscape.[32]
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External Links:[]

“Gerald Casale Interview and Presentation, 1995”. (1995, May 20). Uploaded to YouTube via upload by Reality Monitor.

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