Song Name: Disco Dancer

Artist: DEVO

Appears On:

Run Time: 4:14    BPM: 128

Year Released: 1988 (album version)

Years Performed: (medley*) 1988-1990, 1991 (March 23 only)

Writing Credits: Mark Mothersbaugh/Gerald V. Casale

Sung By: Mark Mothersbaugh (lead), The Femmes Devo ("ja"and"nya" chorus, uncredited)

Remixes By: Ivan Ivan

Single Versions: 7” (4:15), 12” (6:30) and Bonus Beats (4:20) were released on audiocasstte, 12” vinyl record, 7” vinyl record, 3” CD, and were planned to be released with the “Somewhere With Devo” EP. [1]

Remix Credits:
produced by DEVO・disco dancer remixes by ivan ivan・engineer roey shamir・at soundtrack studios new york city・editing roger paulette・additional programming paul c.

Trivia / Info:[]

  • Bass sample by Steve Lindsey
  • Remixed at three different studios in New York. [2]
Videos Trivia:[]
  • This is the only song from Total DEVO to receive music videos. Sadly, Enigma failed to effectively promote it, appearing only once on MTV (on a "good or bad" call-in voting show, no less, which doomed the video instantly).
  • The dance party and karaoke contests and video filming at Lhasaland club on June 4 and at the World club on June 9 were announced in print, including colored flyers. [3] [4] The Lhasaland party was also announced in a June 3 article. [5]
  • The New York City video shoot at the World nightclub was subsequently reported in July and September articles. [6][7]
  • The three inch CD maxi single release [8] of "Disco Dancer" was originally intended to be a "CD-V" with video.
  • Enigma released the first 3” CDs in Canada, “Disco Dancer” being the second released. [9]
  • A promotional three inch compact disc plus graphics (CD+G) was released in 1989. [10]
    The side scrolling graphics and credits are available on YouTube. [11]
    Jerry describes the graphics in an interview with Dan Bailey.[12]
  • The 7-inch version of “Disco Dancer” has been included in all single releases.
    A free streaming remaster was released in conjunction with the 50 Years Of De-Evolution compilation. [13][14]
Onstage Behavior:[]
*This was not played live as a standalone song, it was included in the Somewhere With DEVO suite. Here, it usually began with the normal drum-machine intro and a shout by Mark of "The Femmes Devo!" (Likely a reference to the "Ja"&"Nya" interlude, which in the video was sung by the two onstage dancers.)
  • Before the concert, the "Disco Dancer" video would be shown.
I'm a disco dancer
But I've got no place to go
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
Oh no
I'm a disco dancer, baby
And my feet won't touch the floor
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
Woah, no
I been sleeping twenty years or more
I remember long time ago
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
Nya / Ja
Nya / Ja
Nya / Ja
Nya / Ja
I been looking for a dance to do
I been looking for some answers too
Now I'm back to change your minds
Now I'm moving right in time
In a world that's turned unkind
I see what's going on behind my back
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
I'm a disco dancer
And I keep dancing on and on
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
Oh no
I'm a disco dancer, baby
But I think that something's wrong
(I'm a disco boy)
(I'm a disco boy)
Oh no
I been sleeping twenty years and more
I remember long time ago
Now I'm back to change your mind
Now I'm moving right in time
In a world that's turned unkind
I see what's going on behind my back


Promotional Videos:[]
Two videos were made for the song, one using the 7" Mix, and an extended video using the 12" Mix.

7" Mix Video:

Both videos use the same premise and most of the same footage, that of DEVO walking across the country with a disco ball from New York to LA, performing the song in two different venues for cheering crowds.
The 7" Mix video appears on The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

12" Mix Video:

The 12" Mix video includes additional scenes of DEVO walking through Manhattan and downtown Los Angeles. A topless woman can be seen near the end of the 12" Mix video, and so was not aired on TV, instead provided on a promo video cassette sent to nightclubs and other venues.
The 12" Mix video has not been released on any home format, but can be found online at

Live Video:[]
Live video of the “Disco Dancer" was not released commercially.
(No official concert video release, but the 2 official videos include live audiences with the band on stage performing to playback.)
Amateur/fan videos exist of DEVO performing "Somewhere With DEVO (live)", which includes "Disco Dancer".


Site search of for term “disco dancer” and “devo”.[15]


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    ©1990 Dan Bailey.

    ...We did something that was of course based on ‘de-evolution,’ the world going round and famous figures appear and slowly transform into potatoes. Meanwhile the lyrics appear underneath… as the world turns!” - Jerry (1988)




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