Song Name: Freedom Of Choice (Early Version)

Artist: DEVO

Unofficial Album: D004

Year: 1973?

Run Time: 8:14

Sung By: Gerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh

Trivia / Info:

  • With the sole exception of the lyrics, this is entirely different from the finished song.
  • On the mp3 bootleg this was sourced from, there were two versions; one which was this long take and a shorter edit which began with the addition of a mysterious, prolonged synth noise (or dental drill), a sample of the spoken intro of A Plan For U, and the first half of this full version.
  • Despite description as a "live" take, there is no audible audience noise, leading to the suspicion that this is a badly-recorded home demo.

Onstage Behavior: Unknown.

Lyrics: Essentially the same as the official album release.