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Jerry in concert

Gerald Casale (born Gerald Pizzute, July 28, 1948) is a multimedia artist best known as the Bass Guitar/Synth Player, a vocalist, and one of the founding members (along with Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Lewis) of the new wave band Devo. Casale co-wrote most of Devo's material (including the hit Whip It), with Mothersbaugh (whom he met at Kent State University after Lewis). Gerald designed Devo's distinctive Energy Dome, and directed "Beautiful World". Casale collaborated with Mothersbaugh on concepts for attire, album art, stage design and short films and music videos. Gerald directed most of Devo's videos.

Casale worked on a solo project called Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers that included "proto-Devo" guitarist Peter Gregg. He also has recently worked on a Devo biopic and a Devo musical (but both projects unfunded). He is currently active on twitter, and often follows back fans who follow him.
In addition to conceptualizing and embodying characters including Protar, Gorj and Jihad Jerry, Gerald has continually practiced performance art with DEVO.
Gerald Casale uses a right-handed Steinberger L-Series bass guitar, played upside down. He plays synth bass on a Roland GAIA SH-01. Gerald would love the opportunity to make another Devo album. [1]
Gerald's involvement in DEVO has left a lasting impact on popular culture, with a unique blend of video, music and satirical commentary that challenged traditional norms and inspired a wave of artists to push boundaries in their own life.
Outside of Devo, he became known as an accomplished short form director. Casale directed music videos for other recording artists, including Foo Fighters, Rush, Soundgarden and Silverchair. He directed many commercials including the Miller "Dick" campaign.
Gerald developed friendships with restaurateurs and New American cuisine chefs in the California food revolution. He developed an interest in California cuisine and in pairing foods with fine wines and taught wine tasting for three years. With business partners, he has filed a patent for a type of wine rack and much later launched a private label wine.[2]
He learned about modern residential architecture and spent seven years with a preservationist restoring a Richard Neutra house before selling it.
With partners he is building the previously unrealized 50' by 50' house from the plans drawn by Mies Van Der Rohe. It is to be used as a wine tasting room.
Gerald has become more direct in his humanistic appeals to the public.
DEVO members responded to Russia's unprovoked war against the independent democracy of Ukraine by donating one month’s song licensing revenue to ‘Music Saves UA’ and ‘World Central Kitchen’ and encouraged others to join them “to help make this gesture reach critical mass.” Hollywood Reporter
Gerald and his wife Krista have an awareness of and an interest in reducing animal cruelty. PeTA approached Casale to direct an awareness video with footage of the treatment of performance animals. Casale attended a PeTA 25th anniversary event. He enlisted his band-members to make the song "Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)" about a political candidates' treatment of the family dog. He approached his band-mates to approve giving royalties from the song "Whip It" to PeTA on a campaign for circuses to end their abusive behavior by sending their big cats to wildlife preserves. [3]


Solo Discography[]

As DEVO's Gerald V. Casale[]

  • "It's All Devo" (2016) A 31 minute[2] Record Store Day release on 12" Vinyl. Limited to 1037 copies. Download format includes a music video.
The remix and the video done in collaboration with Italy's Phunk Investigation [4] The six tracks include a re-mix by Paul Mendez, a radio edit and two other mixes. Reissued as a picture disc in 2018.Discogs Video directed by Max Papeschi[3] and Maurizio Temporin[4]. The video premiered on on 4/7/2016.[5]
  • The Invisible Man (EP) 2022 Record Store Day release on 12" vinyl, CD, cassette and streaming download formats. The first music video premiered in November 2022, directed by Davey Force and GVC. In November 2023 a 4-D video was set to premiere directed and produced by GVC and co-directed by Aaron Marshall Cohen and co-produced by Paul Vowell.
Written by Gerald Casale and Josh Freese
Remix single by Martyn Ware.[5]
Guitar by Steve BartekDiscogs of Strawberry Alarm Clock, Oingo Boingo.
A 2-D version of the 4-D "Lounge: Pay U Back" video premiered November 30, 2023.
Jerry said, the video is the fact that you are left with dealing with yourself to either triumph over being a victim of a narcissist or not...[6]
There are things inside the dome that viewers of the 2-D video version don’t get to see.[7]
  • Song "To Be or Not" (2008). Music & lyrics by Momir Papalescu and Gerald V. Casale.

The “robo-pop” Czech band Die alten Maschinen [6] [7]issued the track in three releases as a vinyl single, a remix special edition EP, and as the third track on the album Songs About Love And Machines.

"Die alten Maschinen" facebook. website(archived). X/twitter.
Soundcloud. Apple Music. bandcamp.
Single issued for Record Store Day 2008 in 12” vinyl format. Also available in download format. Original track and 3 remixes.
Deluxe edition. Original and 10 new remixes in download format. Released on: 2010-11-25. Apple Music.
“...Bob Casale helped record and mix the vocals (on “To Be or Not”) ...Gerald added some synthetic sounds and arpeggios…” - Moimir Papalescu.[8]
  • It’s All Devo (2016) Two tracks with new mixes. Released October 31.
  • "The Time is Now/Find Out"(cover) (2021).
Limited Edition Vinyl 7” single benefiting Musack. Released 2022-04-04.
Gerald performs "The Time is Now" and Francis Lau performs DEVO’s "Find Out". Discogs. facebook. StayFreeRecordings.bandcamp.
  • I'm Gonna Pay U Back (2021)
Limited Edition Vinyl 7” with three tracks. Released 2021-07-09.
Tracks include performances by Steve Bartek, Bob 1, Bob 2, Josh, Josh 2 and Larry Klimas.
"This music is dedicated to the memory of my brother, and original DEVO bandmate, Robert Casale Jr." GVC
  • "The Invisible Man (Remixes by Martyn Ware)" [feat. Martyn Ware] Released in 2022 as streaming download with two tracks and as a remix video.ClubDevo-facebook [9]

Press and quotes[]

What are the rules that you live by? " Perfect eating, sleeping and having sex, so that you won’t have energy left to make trouble for others. "
“Devo”. “The Way I See It – Artists tackle ten existential questions”. Arts&Culture. New Statesman magazine. Vol. 136 Issue 4850, p44. (2007, June 25).
You fight the good fight creatively as long as you can. That's an artist's first and foremost duty to stay true to their vision.

Notes and References[]

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    Q: Have you considered making another Devo album?
    GC: I would love to do that. I think Devo is more relevant than ever in some ways. I don’t feel any differently now than I did when we made our first record. I have the same point of view and the same amount of rage. Devo was truly punk. I don’t think punk is relegated to some style or rule book that says you have to have ripped T-shirts and skinny ties. Real punk is antiauthoritarian, do-it-yourself. It’s an attitude. It’s about resisting illegitimate authority and prejudice. We said we were punk scientists. We weren’t anti-intellectual. We were satirical.

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    Says the band: “As Ringling Bros. relies on the fear of whips to force lions and tigers to perform, Devo is pleased to make a grant to PETA from the royalties of ‘Whip It’ for their campaign to free big cats from this abuse. We hope that all circuses will continue to evolve by spotlighting human creativity rather than degrading animals.

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