Song Name: Jesus

Artist: DOVE

Album: Recombo DNA

Year: 1979

Run Time: (1:30)

Sung By: Gerald V. Casale (in DOVE Preacher accent)

Trivia / Info:[]

  • This song is sung through a vocoder and has backing percussion but features no drums, bass or guitar.

Onstage Behavior:

In a 1981-09-10 ref performance on Fridays (an American TV show), Gerald is seen performing the song alone; singing and playing a keyboard. His facial expression and tone of voice give the impression that he is singing a hymn - indeed, apart from the lyric line about Jesus swimming in his dinner stew, this song could have been a hymn, both lyrically and musically.

I saw Jesus in the river bed ooh, Jesus laid down by me too.
I saw Jesus in the river bed ooh, then Jesus came into me.
I saw Jesus in the morning in the burning bush, I saw Jesus in the afternoon too;
I saw Jesus at dinner swimming in the stew, that Jesus is everywhere.