Song Name: Monsterman

Appears on: Digital Single, Something ELSE for Everybody compilation album.

Monsterman was the theme song for the reality show Monster Man. It was available as a free download for a limited time, before it was available on sale as a digital single. The song was featured as the first song on Something ELSE for Everybody.

"Devo has always loved retro sci-fi," says Devo founder Gerald Casale. "When the stars of the Monster Man TV show approached us about writing a theme song and performing on the show in a video where we are incinerated by the fire breath of a monster, I had it written in 15 minutes." - April 13, 2012. Rolling Stone Magazine.
The lyrics mention the “House of Pain” featured in the 1896 H.G. Wells book The Island of Doctor Moreau. and the 1932 film Island of Lost Souls.
Monsterman by Devo – Lyrics/Letra.

The song Monsteman has 106 beats per minute. –
Gerald and Robert Casale did the drum programming. Something Else for Everybody.
The song is written in the key of G.
Monsterman by Devo – Guitar Chords
Monsterman by Devo – Keyboard Chords

Monster Man, a half-hour TV series, aired from 2011-2012. Goes behind the scenes of Cleve Hall’s workshop and family business, SOTA F/X.
DEVO appear in the season one finale “Devoman vs. Clevezilla.” – Archived official site. – Episode synopsis.

"DEVO’s Monster Man 3D Music Video to Premiere at MIPCOM in Cannes"September 27, 2013. Prweb.

Devo – Monsterman Roy Knyrim YouTube channel.

The fan video DEVO - Monsterman | Tokusatsu Edit 【特撮】
was posted to YouTube by Rushnerd.