Song Name: Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)

Artist: Devo

Album: "Beautiful World b/w Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)"  (picture disc single), New Traditionalists (reissue bonus track), Pioneers Who Got Scalped - The Anthology

Year Released: 1981

Run Time: 1:40

Writing Credits: Gerald Casale

Spoken By: Gerald Casale as NuTra

Trivia / Info:[]

  • Nu-Tra here means "The New Traditionalist Man." Nu Tra is also used instead of "NT" or "Traditionalists" as a contraction of the New Traditionalists album title.
  • Nu-Tra Speaks incorporates part of a DNFTF era From the Desk of General Boy letter distributed by Club Devo. A spoken-word recording of General Boy is included on Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology as the track General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now (later on a DNFTF reissue). Nu-Tra Speaks also incorporates part of General Boy's speech in the NuTra era re-education film You Chose To See A DEVO Performance.

Onstage Behavior:


Transcription of lyrics:
Greetings beautiful mutants, and how may we be of service? This is Nu-Tra for Devo Incorporated, checking in with the many factions of devolutionary humans who have waited so faithfully this past year, while Devo gathered it's strength for the next offensive.
As many of you can see, the road ahead is filled with danger-it's not nuclear bombs we must fear, but the human mind itself, or lack of it, on this planet.
It's time to go beyond the normal thing. It's time to do the super thing. It's time for Devo, there's no question about it. The spudboys are ready, with new songs, new films, and new approaches to survival in a world ruled by subhumans. Lies, lies, lies. That's all we get from those who pretend to know but don't.
But once again, Devo attempts to cut through the mental grease and grime with techniques of positive mutation, designed to protect you from the ninnies and the twits.
Remember - no one knows, so let's find out. Devo asks the questions that help point us all in the right direction, to go forward, move ahead, and give the past the slip. It's time to seek out new traditions. We know where the old ones took us, and now we are all here together. So lets go.
Take in the full measure of Devo's new traditionalist spirit. The vinyl record and cassette tape of Devo's latest musical outpourings is entitled simply "New Traditionalists". To purchase it is not like spending money, but rather it is an investment in the future, in a blow against the empire.
This is Nu-Tra for Devo Incorporated saying bombs away.


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