Song Name: Peek-A-Boo!

Artist: DEVO

Appears On:

Run Time: 3:01 (single/album version)

Year Recorded: 1982 (September)[1]

Year Released: 1982 (single/album version)

Years Performed: [2] 1982, 2006 to 2008 and 2010 to 2014

Writing Credits: Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald V. Casale

Sung By: Mark Mothersbaugh (lead)

Alternate Versions:

  • Peek 'A' Boo! (EZ)
  • Dance Velocity, DEVO Dub
  • Devo 2.0 version

Demo Versions: Peek-A-Boo (demo)

Song Connections: Might Not Live Forever, I Don't Know What I Do (similar lyrics)

Trivia / Info:[]

  • The early song "I Don't Know What I Do Do" contains the line "if i don't see it, it isn't there"
  • Booji's speech in the Worried Man film clip contains the line "if they can't see it, it isn't there!"
  • This song's music video is the second DEVO video to feature Spazz Attack, this time as the "Evil Clown." (He first featured in Satisfaction and then appeared in Come Back Jonee.) An alternate footage edit was used in the concert backing film
  • At the final verse, after each "Ha! Ha! Ha!," the Pirate onscreen kicks, and a member of DEVO falls down, leaving Jerry standing with his hand to his mouth, shocked.
  • The siren heard in the song is sampled from a personal rape alarm

Onstage Behavior:

  • During the 1982 tour, DEVO performed the song in front of a large screen featuring edited background visuals similar to the interactive music video, and used similar stage choreography. The Pirate kicks Mark down twice, and also Jerry (but not also Bob1 and Bob2, as in the music video).
  • As with other DEVO tour videos, the Peek-A-Boo! backing visuals are edited differently than the music video, and contain clips not seen in the music video, some not suitable for all ages. One addition is a drum break paired with the spasmodic Evil Clown. (see "Live Video" below)
  • DEVO performed to playback on Solid Gold with no backing video. Spazz Attack appeared live as the Evil Clown to mime the Ha Ha Ha's.[3]
  • During performances in 2006, Michael Pilmer walked across the stage during the "Ha! Ha! Ha!" section dressed as Osama Bin Laden.

Lyrics: Peek-A-Boo! - LyricWikia

i can see you
and i know what you do
so put your hands on your face
and cover up your eyes
don't look until i signal
(ha! ha! ha!)  
(ha! ha! ha!)
(ha! ha! ha!)
(ha! ha! ha!)
the way that we weren't is what we'll become
so please pay attention while i show you some
of what's about to happen
i know what you do
cause i do it too
laugh if you want to or say you don't care
if you cannot see it you think it's not there
it doesn't work that way


Appears on We're All DEVO, The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

Live Video:

Officially unreleased. The soundtrack is on A071 and this live video on DVD19.


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