Song Name: Post Post-Modern Man

Artist: DEVO

Appears On: smoothnoodlemaps

Run Time: 2:55 (album version)

Year Written: 19xx

Year Recorded:

Year Released: 1990

Years Performed: [1] 1989 to 1990

Writing Credits: Gerald V. Casale/Mark Mothersbaugh

Sung By: Mark (lead), with Jerry


Alternate Versions:

Post Post Post-Modern Edit (6:09)
Remix Version (3:20)
Pre Post Post-Modern Instrumental (2:47)
Macro Post-Modern Mix (3:21)
Sub Post-Modern Mix (6:49)
Neo Post-Modern Mix (6:44)
Ultra Post-Modern Dub (6:13)

Demo Versions: None known.

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Trivia / Info:[]

During the Rocky Schenck Remix music video, film clips are used from Girl U Want, Whip It, Satisfaction, Love Without Anger, The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize, Freedom of Choice, Peek-A-Boo!, Through Being Cool, and Beautiful World.

Onstage Behavior:

Lyrics: Post Post-Modern Man - Genius Lyrics

Lyric transcription from the release:
if I had a hammer
I'd wake up all my neighbors
pounding out a rhythm
all about you
if I had a pencil
I'd push me some paper
I'd build a skyscraper
to get close to you
if I had a lasso
I'd sail out the window
and land on an island
next to you
if I had a hot rod
I'd fasten up my seatbelt
and break the speed limit
gettin to you
but I ain't got a hammer
and I ain't got a pencil
and I ain't got a lasso
so I'm doing it the hard way
like a post post-modern man
if I had a credit card
I'd clear me a pathway
through the deepest jungle
right to your door
if I had a camera
I'd snap away my fingers
and collect up the pictures
of you of course
but I ain't got a hot rod
and I ain't got a credit card
no chance for a camera
so I'm doing it the hard way
like a post post-modern man
well I ain't got a hammer
and I ain't got a lasso
no chance for a camera
so I'm doing it the hard way


Gerald Casale/Corporate Directed Album Version
Rocky Schenck Directed Remix Version

Live Video:


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