Private Secretary is an early song by the six-man group now known as "Sextet Devo". The song was played at the band's first public concert at Kent State University on April 4, 1973. That show and the song can be seen being preformed on YouTube.


She was a private secretary

Til her boss gave her the boot

So we was married in Las Vegas

And I wore my sharkskin suit

She keeps it real wet and dirty

And she's always home at night

'Cause she's my Private Secretary

And she keeps my business straight

Yeah, she wash the clothes

Takes dictation

She got a high school education

She bought a fur coat with my money

And last week she took the car

But I don't mind the inconvenience

'Cause she always goes too far

I turn my TV on to football

And she gives my back a rub

'Cause she don't need no liberation

Her diploma's from the school of love

There was in a session in my office

And I thought I locked my doors

She found my private secretary

Naked on the floor

So now last week I got the letter

But my grammar was incorrect

It read: I gots the high paying job in Reno

'Cause I still gots my self-respect