Before Bob and Jim Mothersbaugh joined DEVO in April 1974, DEVO, then known as Sextet DEVO, recorded several demos. 

Nov 1972 Demo[]

In 1972, Jerry Casale, Bob Lewis, and Peter Gregg recorded a short demo consisting of several songs. 

2nd '72 Demo[]

A few weeks after the first demo was recorded another tape was produced, containing these songs.

  • Wiggle Worm
  • The Rope Song
  • Might Not Live Forever
  • All Of Us
  • Sun Come Up, Moon Come Down

1973 Whale Hall Demo[]

In 1973 Peter Gregg no longer performed with them. This demo was recorded prior to Bob Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Rod Reisman, Chas, and Frederick Weber III joining.

  • Dixie (Kick-Ass Rock And Roll)
  • I Don't Know Why (I love You)
  • Columbo Dick (Dipshit)

Creative Arts Festival Show[]

In April 1973 Sextet DEVO performed their only live show, they consisted of Gerald & Bob Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Lewis, Rod Reisman, Chas, & Frederick Weber III

They performed the songs

  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail
  • Mr. Jingeling
  • Private Secretary
  • Wiggle Worm
  • Beehive Flash
  • What Comes Around Goes Around
  • Subhuman Woman
  • River Run
  • Sun Come Up Moon Go Down

Sun Come Up Moon Go Down is an early version of The Last Time I Saw St. Louis

Wiggle Worm is speculated to be an early version of Wiggly World.

Pre-Bob/Jim Mothersbaugh '74 Demos []

  • Auto Modown
  • Can U Take It?
  • Falling In Love Again
  • Lost At Home