Song Name: Strange Pursuit [ AKA Strange Pursuits]

Artist: DEVO

Appears On: Duty Now For The Future

Year Released: 1979

Years Performed: 1979

Run Time: 2:45

Writing Credits: Gerald V. Casale/Mark Mothersbaugh

Sung By: Mark Mothersbaugh (lead), Gerald V. Casale (backing)

Alternate Versions: None Known

Demo Versions: Strange Pursuit (demo) Run Time: 2:31

Song Connections:


  • Titled "Strange Pursuit" on the original WB release and "Strange Pursuits" on some overseas releases.
  • The first two verses are included in the block of lyrics printed on the Duty Now For The Future LP inner sleeve. Mark's recorded vocals have some minor lyric differences.
  • G.V.C.'s backing vocals ("it's a strange pursuit") overlap Mark's vocals in the final verses of the song.
  • Mark sings the first three lines and then his (double-tracked) vocals become increasingly frantic till he shouts the final verses.


Intersecting love lines drew us closer every day
Always kept your distance when you felt my presence near you
Love keeps on rolling over
You'd fly in retreat
I would follow without shame
A stupid spud staggering to the flame
To be had and rehad
An innocent victim of the pain
Now it's strange
It's so strange
(It's a strange pursuit)
(It's a strange pursuit)
(It's a strange pursuit)
I come running like a fat boy
in lead shoes
But like the fat boy
I'm huff puffing after you
It's hopeless to hope for
the one thing that I'm wanting
'cause it's strange, it's so very strange
(It's a strange pursuit)
Darling I'm dazzled
but you know I'm too frazzled!
(It's a strange pursuit)
Taking my mind apart
and lost the little pieces!
(It's a strange pursuit)
You know it's getting tough
when you're getting real rough!
(It's a strange pursuit)
Darling I'm dazzled
but you know I'm too frazzled!
(It's a strange pursuit)
Taking my mind apart
and lost some of the pieces!
(It's a strange pursuit)

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