Jerry found the disposable yellow suit in an Akron janitorial catalog supplying area industries. They were made in Ohio.[1]

The uniform suit jackets were worn inside the pants with a belt at the waist. It resembled a one-piece "boilersuit," maintaining the aesthetic of the blue suits.
A black sans serif "DEVO" emblazoned the jacket at the chest, consisting of large Helvetica letters.

The earliest group photos in the yellow suit show DEVO wearing non-uniform belts and eyeglasses.
DEVO prepared the yellow suits before shows, [2] seen in the August 1977 photograph by John Tremblay.

DEVO initially wore the yellow suit over the blue suit. [3] Live performance outerwear devolves from yellow suit to blue worksuit to black calisthenic undersuit and sometimes to diapers.

Later tours would feature the yellow suit later in the set and after a costume change, as the setlist and apparel devolved from newer to older.

Jerry said the suit is industrial protective outerwear turned into DEVO protective gear.[4]

The suit exterior is colored “safety yellow[5][6] and the interior is white and uncolored. The first suit was tyvek durafab - layered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with nylon netting in the middle.

The yellow suit DEVO wears is most often made of DuPont Tyvek®, a type of spunbonded Olefin. (The material is like paper, but is made of polyolefin fibers instead of wood pulp fibers.)

Fans note synthetic material suits are “hot” - uncomfortably so. [7]

The jacket features a mandarin collar, “batwing” sleeves and four small white plastic square snap closures. [8] The pants feature an interior “tunnel” elastic waistband.
They were ususally worn with sturdy black footwear.

The yellow suit was sold by Club DEVO.

In 2021 Michael Pilmer said all members of DEVO wear “size large yellow pants” and that he cuts little holes for Mark to grab and tear. [9]

In the 21st century the supply was limited as the yellow suit DEVO repurposed was no longer manufactured, according to Michael Pilmer in 2023. [10]

Photographer Janet Macoska lensed DEVO wearing the yellow suit in an iconic series of photographs around Akron, circa 1978.

"For wet, chemical and messy job protection".[11]

"...get them back in their yellow suits like I said or I'm gonna have to clean house!" - Daddy Know-It-All (Roll Out the Barrel aka Rod's Big Reamer)

People remember the yellow suit.” - Jerry (2021).[12]

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Photos of official stage wear suits:[13][14][15][16][17][18]
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